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Requiring tambourines at all attempts at enlightenment since 1997.

And we’re off! (Okay, so it’s just me that’s off)

Whirlwind work trip alert!

Went to Lenoir City, TN through the lovely Knoxville Airport. Funnily enough the airport, like the Burlington, VT airport, has rocking chairs throughout for your leisure.

Got lucky with this travel booking because while American Airlines is not where I have the fancy schmancy flight status, it apparently shares points with Alaska Airlines where I do have fancy schmancy flight status. Might be able to keep it after all.

One thing Tennessee has going for it I suppose is that it’s no less hot than Dallas. Okay maybe high 80s instead of low 90s but big whoop when hovering at these numbers. Portland me would have cared but Texas me does not.

One more serious good thing is that I went to Pho 99 and had delicious pho noodle soup. A great find. Speaking of food and beverage we’ve recently discovered the Starbucks Star Drink, which is their new kiwi-dragonfruit refresher. Very much a delicious thing.

Just landed in DFW. Out of the skyway and on to the freeway.



We are now officially in the future!

In the background, you’ll see a futon with a built-in motorized pillow. In the foreground, you’ll see a futon with built-in USB charger, aux input, and volume knob.

What is even happening.