Heating and cooling almost as fast as the ISS!

After several days of power being a couple hours on, followed by couple hours off, we no longer have rolling blackouts!

Unfortunately it looks like the reservoir system that supplies our town had a pipe break and repairs may take at least a day or two. So the only water we have is the water in the 2 water towers. Thus:

The cactus shower curtain feels threatened.
Extra reserves.

Also the fridge has every pitcher we have full of tapwater.

So we should be fine. Long as the water and electricity hold out through tonight’s final single-digit freeze and the pipes survive, we should be on the way out the other side!

And our driveways won’t be melted and refrozen ice rinks either.

As long as the power lasts the next 2 hours so I can watch the Mars Curiosity Rover landing I’ll be thrilled!

New ways of thinking…

We’ve been organizing the master closet, and we’re thinking about putting sweaters and stuff in the back corner out of the way.

I went into one of the other bedrooms to put some things away, looked into one of the closets, thought “hmm, what should we put he….”

Yeah, we have 5 other closets available. Take away the 2 in one guest bedroom and the 1 walk-in in the other guest bedroom and we still have two whole EXTRA closets.

My brain is still getting used to living in more that 505 square feet.

Also, Bevin is making bread.

Perchance to dream…

I still can’t share images because something has gone wrong either with WordPress, or with Android, and suddenly my phone is taking images that WordPress won’t upload. Yay, more things to solve.

Imagine though, a mattress on a floor, with a pile of shoes and blankets next to it.

Yes, that’s right, we are re-homed! All but a few boxes are unpacked and inspected, (although FAR from put away…) we no longer have a hotel room or a rental car, and everything we own is inside these four walls. And now we’re so tired we’re going to pass out.

It’s pretty exciting. First night actually sleeping here, now that we’ve got, you know, stuff to sleep on.

And so much kitchen stuff. Oy.

Tomorrow, hopefully, pictures of the last few days of adventure, and the wreckage of unpacking.

A haunting of funny ghosts…

No, we haven’t suddenly taken a trip to Disney for the Grim Grinning Ghosts, but we have our very own hautnig now, a Casper!

Inside the big stripey box is our new mattress! Exciting!

The little box is networking gear. Also exciting, but probably only to me. (and maybe Brian)

All our utilities are finally set up, so nothing will get disconnected on Friday, good news there. Going about contacting the ISP we’ll be using temporarily until Spectrum wins their battle with the Union Pacific railway and drags a fiber cable over to our development, probably in September.

They have these big radio towers here, lacking any sort of, you know, mountains….

Fortunately we have a great view of one from our backyard, so that’s where internet will come from for a few months.

Unfortunately the router got packed in the truck by accident rather than in my suitcase with the AP, so no internet until Saturday at least either way.

On to the next project!


We’ve got appliances!

Car arrives hopefully tomorrow or Thursday. Mattress is arriving tomorrow, and our moving van is now scheduled to arrive Saturday! (did they drive all the way from Portland in first gear? Hopefully that means everything is nice and safe. 😂)

Gonna be able to spend our first night here soon! So exciting!

(I’m about halfway done rewiring all the network/coax, should be done with that today, so we’ll be all set on the internet side by time things are here too! Home sweet Wi-Fi!)

I’m Dr. Zoidberg! Homeowner!

We made it! We’re here! The locks only work with our keys now! Our very own house!

I’m amused that UPS got my package here before I even arrived! So… I have a house, AND 53Lbs of ammo. What more could a person want?

Maybe some furniture I suppose. This floor is great, but there’s enough room in this room that it feels a bit weird to just by lying here.

Whew! It’s done! Sort of. The next adventure is buying a washer/dryer and refrigerator. 4th of July sales here we come! Crowds of people and salespeople trying to make commissions as fast as possible, sounds like my own special hell, I may just lie here.

Also, if the title confused you: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ijJVVP-Ycjk