A haunting of funny ghosts…

No, we haven’t suddenly taken a trip to Disney for the Grim Grinning Ghosts, but we have our very own hautnig now, a Casper!

Inside the big stripey box is our new mattress! Exciting!

The little box is networking gear. Also exciting, but probably only to me. (and maybe Brian)

All our utilities are finally set up, so nothing will get disconnected on Friday, good news there. Going about contacting the ISP we’ll be using temporarily until Spectrum wins their battle with the Union Pacific railway and drags a fiber cable over to our development, probably in September.

They have these big radio towers here, lacking any sort of, you know, mountains….

Fortunately we have a great view of one from our backyard, so that’s where internet will come from for a few months.

Unfortunately the router got packed in the truck by accident rather than in my suitcase with the AP, so no internet until Saturday at least either way.

On to the next project!