Update thy bookmarks!

We have moved! Digitally speaking at least. Please update your bookmarks to point at the new site, https://joshnbev.proehl.us/ and let me know if you find any weirdness. 🙂

Hopefully soon there will be some new news about some other digital changes! Want to get a proper image gallery up, a way to share some videos, etc.

In the meantime, enjoy a couple of pictures of us from Christmas.

And update thy bookmarks!

“Tabletop” RPG

Sitting around a table with people describing what your characters do in the world gets a teensy bit more complex when it’s with people from a thousand miles away.

The other two players will be joining us via video chat. We’re trying a new thing where Bev and I are on the same camera, rather than being two different cameras in the chat. We’ll see how it works out.

For some reason I got a wild idea for a cool story to tell, and starting today I’m running two different games in the same world. Maybe the groups will meet up eventually? Either way, I’m excited to see what they choose to do with the story! The adventure of being a writer with characters who are literally writing themselves does keep one on one’s toes. 😂

Sudden Gnome Death Syndrome

2 minutes ago it was clear and sunny. 30 seconds before I took this image I couldn’t see the house up the hill across the street. Sadly the camera doesn’t really show how much the rain is sheeting sideway. You can see it’s blowing a solid 5 feet into our entryway though. And the water is already halfway up the curb.

But, perhaps most worryingly of all, the sudden wind and rain appears to have caused our garden gnome to give up on life and go facedown in the newly formed pond. Poor guy, he could’ve knocked on the door and come inside.

Sunbeam baking?

I wandered out into the kitchen where Bevin is doing all kinds of crazy things, and discovered this:

Our sourdough, Doughy, (pronounced Doug-ee) appears to have become a cat and is sleeping in a sunbeam. I haven’t seen it do that before. 😂

Now with extra imagination.

The table is set, time to roll some dice!

Thanks to Julian being such a lovely person, today’s game will contain 100% more imagination. Figment to the rescue!

Introducing new people to roll playing games is so much fun.

Now if Bevin can just play it straight for once and not have her character become obsessed with baking goblin-cakes or something, we may have a real classic dragon-hunting adventure! The kingdom of Leithold needs heros!

A tiny little vacation?

We were at the pool last night, paddling back and forth thanks to Bevin’s new nose-covering facemask, when she pops up and says “what’s that sound?”

Turns out it’s the sound of an ice cream truck.

Turns out, if you need to motivate Bevin to jog (in flip-flops!) all you need to say is “well go grab some cash” when there’s an ice cream truck.

End result is us standing in our front yard drip-drying eating soft serve ice cream cones. Which were actually SURPRISINGLY tasty and creamy.

Confusing pains…

I can’t decide if my legs hurt because they’ve been walking 20,000 steps a day for the last 10 days (slowest day was 4.45 miles) or because they’re NOT walking today and feeling angry about being cooped up at the desk with only 2400 steps so far.

Also, I strangely miss humidity. I forgot how much the AC dries out the air in our house.

Ready to fly

And we’re off! It’s kind of nice to only have a 2.5 hour flight home at least! And nobody in the row behind us, only 1 person in the row in front. Nice comfy flight.

To the skies!

Delicious final magic

Brian and Julian left earlier this morning, but we don’t catch the bus until 2pm, so we’re gorging ourselves in Disney Springs.

I’ll post more pictures of our last day in Batuu (star wars!) once we’re home (tomorrow) but for now, we’re hiking back to Saratoga Springs to catch our magical express to the airport!