Are we sure it’s the right season?

I mean, I know the stores starting putting up Christmas trees in early to mid September, but I’m putting some Christmas lights in the front yard just now and the garden seems to be giving me some conflicting data…

Oh well, guess I’ll trust the calendar and take the Christmas trees out…

A cloudy winters morn

Ahh, the dark and overcast pleases me. Winter hath arriven indeed.

No, wait, as soon as I step out of the car everything is wrong! It’s 72 degrees at 7:30am, and incredibly humid, feels like Florida!

I do like the fact that we can go out on evening walks and even in our neighborhood there isn’t so much light that you can’t see the stars. So I’m not complaining, but it just keeps freaking me out when the weather around me just isn’t what I’m expecting to feel!


I got out of bed this morning and walked over to the window. After peeking through the blinds for a moment I said “huh”.

Bevin, still in bed, says “what, is it snowing or something?”

Flurries covering the backyard
The camera doesn’t accurately capture how much snow is in the air. Falling pretty good actually.

Actually yes. Apparently my “huh” communicated how perplexed I was quite clearly, and she tried to guess the most perplexing thing I might see out the window.

The screaming children we can hear were a clue too she says.

As a reminder, it was 70 degrees out yesterday.


Omens of Explosions

7:30am on New Years Eve and the fireworks stands are open. (the stands are there year round)

I expect this means it will be an eventful evening.

There is one stand, the largest around, barn really, which is not open. They have sign out front reading “City of Roanoke forced us to close! Stand up to municipal tyranny!”

Perhaps they shall be the Alamo of fireworks and it’ll be an extra exciting evening!

Not quite home


It’s 6pm, it’s dark out, we can see stars, it’s 70 degrees. It’s the middle of December.

Sometimes this place just feels weird.