Sudden Gnome Death Syndrome

2 minutes ago it was clear and sunny. 30 seconds before I took this image I couldn’t see the house up the hill across the street. Sadly the camera doesn’t really show how much the rain is sheeting sideway. You can see it’s blowing a solid 5 feet into our entryway though. And the water is already halfway up the curb.

But, perhaps most worryingly of all, the sudden wind and rain appears to have caused our garden gnome to give up on life and go facedown in the newly formed pond. Poor guy, he could’ve knocked on the door and come inside.

Startling visions…

A brief moment of panic just happened. Got out of the car and thought I was going blind.

Apparently it’s just really muggy this morning and my sunglasses fogged completely over instantly.

That seems like a fun omen for the afternoon.