We were recently linked to this YouTube video, describing re-creating a Disney menu item of the future past, The Handwich!

So when I came into the kitchen this morning and found this, I became extremely worried:

So, handwich. If you didn’t watch the video, I think you can guess. Sandwich, but in a cone shape, so it can be held in one hand. When this was discussed in our group chat, alternatives (such as our local Bread Zeppelin) were roundly poo-poo’d because they “weren’t Disney enough”. So Bevin decided to go all-in.

4 Handwiches on a plate
Of course 1 wasn’t enough.

So, for all your “oh my god we’re on vacation and I ate all that I’m going to dieeeeeee” pleasure, here we have 4 totally unique handwiches.

The bread is Japanese Hokkaido milk bread, so it’s quite soft and fluffy. As far as ingredients go, from left to right we have:

  • Egg, Bacon, Mushroom, Cheese
    A breakfast delight! Why have your scramble with toast when you could have it in the bread instead?
  • Mac’n’Cheese’n’Bacon
    The best Kraft has to offer, with delicious thick-cut bacon bits. Yes, it could be handmade mac’n’cheese, but the blue-box Kraft hits the nostalgia button better.
  • Garlic black-truffle Chicken Tika Masala
    Yeah, there’s no India exhibition in EPCOT. If there were, this would probably not be welcome there. It is, however, quite delicious.
  • Philly Cheese Steak (Roast Beef, green pepper, grilled onions, and cheese.)
    May not be quite as authentic as it possibly could be, since it uses American cheese instead of cheese whiz, but I outright refused to buy Cheese Whiz.

They all turned out quite good. Maybe not pure Disney, but definitely extravagant!

The method of construction could be optimized. Unfortunately wrapping from the bottom and lying them on a pan creates a flat side, as well as causes the dough to slump to the bottom of the cone, creating a rather large bready bit at the end of your sandwich experience. Because the bread is nice and fluffy and sweet it’s almost like a dessert bread at the end though. (Perhaps this could be incorporated into the design, hmmm..) Bevin’s already planning how to make a steel cone with the pointy end up to wrap the bread around and bake to prevent this problems though.

leftover bready bites
Sweet bread! No, actually it’s a sweet bread. Looks sweet too though!

In short, please be thoughtful when sending Bevin random crazy cooking YouTube videos, she just might be insane enough to do it.

The whirlwind continues

Yesterday we drove 5 hours from home to Houston to see an art exhibit Bev’s mom wanted to see, go to the fountain pen store Bev wanted to go to, and go to a play written by Bev’s mom’s friend Rob, who was in town to see the production.

Pretty fun to be out and about and doing real world things again! Play was really cool, only 4 people, and basically moving the props in the picture around to represent different rooms. Play was called Mama’s Boy, and is about the family life of the Oswald family is Dallas, in the years leading up to the Kennedy assassination. Really interesting historical information, especially if it’s not something you’ve ever really learned about!

And then we got up early and drove the 4 hours back to Dallas, straight to the airport. Off to Las Vegas again for 4 days to finish dealing with some family affairs remaining after our last trip. Cleaning out a storage unit specifically. Promises to be an exciting time… 😂

They’ve got my number

LEGO has a surprising understanding of my love for spaceships of various types.

It’s… not great… for our checking account.

On the other hand, the mechanism they use to move the foils to attack position on Luke’s X-Wing is REALLY cool. Probably one of the coolest I’ve seen in a standard ‘play’ level set, so that was super interesting to build. And I can’t wait to build the Discovery.

Also, it’s a REAL x-wing, not that janky ‘resistance’ weirdness. Thank goodness LEGO still cares about the classics. 😎

News from the land of the ice and snow…

Sadly lacking in midnight sun and flowing hotsprings.

Well I can confirm that it got above freezing and then dropped right back below.

In good news, we’ve heard that the water mains are repaired, so I don’t have to feel guilty about dripping the taps overnight at least.

Maybe I’ll keep my new pet iceberg around for a bit longer though, just in case…. although it’s starting to look a bit sad.

For some reason I get emotionally attached to blocks of ice, been a thing since I was a child. Very odd.

Heating and cooling almost as fast as the ISS!

After several days of power being a couple hours on, followed by couple hours off, we no longer have rolling blackouts!

Unfortunately it looks like the reservoir system that supplies our town had a pipe break and repairs may take at least a day or two. So the only water we have is the water in the 2 water towers. Thus:

The cactus shower curtain feels threatened.
Extra reserves.

Also the fridge has every pitcher we have full of tapwater.

So we should be fine. Long as the water and electricity hold out through tonight’s final single-digit freeze and the pipes survive, we should be on the way out the other side!

And our driveways won’t be melted and refrozen ice rinks either.

As long as the power lasts the next 2 hours so I can watch the Mars Curiosity Rover landing I’ll be thrilled!

Advertising apparently works.

This is what comes of letting Bevin put herself on email lists….

It’s decidedly odd to have Kringle when it’s not Christmas. Almost… wrong… but it tastes so good!

Bevin just couldn’t help herself when she saw both Copenhagen (almond and cream cheese put together) AND the sweetheart (vanilla pudding and red velvet cake, with light chocolate frosting sprinkled with red velvet cake on top) at the same time…

And no, before you ask, the diet plan is not going well.

She’s also baking 2 sourdoughs AND a pie. Good thing we have company over.

Update thy bookmarks!

We have moved! Digitally speaking at least. Please update your bookmarks to point at the new site, https://joshnbev.proehl.us/ and let me know if you find any weirdness. 🙂

Hopefully soon there will be some new news about some other digital changes! Want to get a proper image gallery up, a way to share some videos, etc.

In the meantime, enjoy a couple of pictures of us from Christmas.

And update thy bookmarks!