I got out of bed this morning and walked over to the window. After peeking through the blinds for a moment I said “huh”.

Bevin, still in bed, says “what, is it snowing or something?”

Flurries covering the backyard
The camera doesn’t accurately capture how much snow is in the air. Falling pretty good actually.

Actually yes. Apparently my “huh” communicated how perplexed I was quite clearly, and she tried to guess the most perplexing thing I might see out the window.

The screaming children we can hear were a clue too she says.

As a reminder, it was 70 degrees out yesterday.


3 Replies to “Huh”

  1. Welcome to winter. Your mind finally got it to you so you could feel right. Enjoy and let your inner child out. Hugs to you both