Heating and cooling almost as fast as the ISS!

After several days of power being a couple hours on, followed by couple hours off, we no longer have rolling blackouts!

Unfortunately it looks like the reservoir system that supplies our town had a pipe break and repairs may take at least a day or two. So the only water we have is the water in the 2 water towers. Thus:

The cactus shower curtain feels threatened.
Extra reserves.

Also the fridge has every pitcher we have full of tapwater.

So we should be fine. Long as the water and electricity hold out through tonight’s final single-digit freeze and the pipes survive, we should be on the way out the other side!

And our driveways won’t be melted and refrozen ice rinks either.

As long as the power lasts the next 2 hours so I can watch the Mars Curiosity Rover landing I’ll be thrilled!

3 Replies to “Heating and cooling almost as fast as the ISS!”

  1. Hang in there and remember to pour the water into the bowl of the toilet Not the tank. It only grits of the tank parts and then plumbing ensues. Looks like you are prepared!

  2. Perseverance has landed. Were you able to follow along? Exciting news amid the cold and pandemic.

  3. I was! I had to watch on my phone because I had to drive Bevin in to work, but I got to see! I can’t WAIT to see how the little helicopter, Ingenuity, works out!