Perchance to dream…

I still can’t share images because something has gone wrong either with WordPress, or with Android, and suddenly my phone is taking images that WordPress won’t upload. Yay, more things to solve.

Imagine though, a mattress on a floor, with a pile of shoes and blankets next to it.

Yes, that’s right, we are re-homed! All but a few boxes are unpacked and inspected, (although FAR from put away…) we no longer have a hotel room or a rental car, and everything we own is inside these four walls. And now we’re so tired we’re going to pass out.

It’s pretty exciting. First night actually sleeping here, now that we’ve got, you know, stuff to sleep on.

And so much kitchen stuff. Oy.

Tomorrow, hopefully, pictures of the last few days of adventure, and the wreckage of unpacking.