I can’t even comprehend it…

Me: Traaaaaaaaaaain!

Bevin: Hoot Hoot!

Me: [incredulously] … Hoot…?

Bevin: You know, the sound a train makes?

Me: [doubly incredulous] Don’t you mean “Choo Choo”? It’s owls that go “hoot”, what kind of books did your parents even read you?!?!

I wish we had a video of me boggling my eyes at her. “incredulous” barely does it justice. Hoot. Hmph. Trains do not “hoot”.

In other train related news, the GE locomotive plant down the road has bays named “test hospital” and “paint hospital”. I enjoyed the idea of a locomotive going to the paint hospital.

2 Replies to “I can’t even comprehend it…”

  1. What will they think of next? Paint Assisted Living?

    And regarding trains, ‘hoot” is much more onamatopoeia-ish than than “toot”, so I’m with Bev on this one.

  2. Ahhhh, I see where she gets it! Apparently “chugga chugga choooo chooo” wasn’t a thing. “toot” indeed! [ renewed incredulity ]