Recipe: Watermelon Smoothie

1 1/2 c.  diced watermelon
3/4 c.  lemon sorbet
8  ice cubes
1 tbsp.  lemon juice
1  pinch salt

Blend it all up, and you’re ready to go!  A yummy substitute is strawberry sorbet instead of the lemon, although I haven’t tried it myself.  I used 1/4 of one of those “personal watermelons” to get enough for this recipe, which makes barely over one heaping glass of smoothie.  I’d double it for two people if they really like smoothies.

Note:  Because of the low liquid water content when first starting to blend this smoothie, I had a bit of trouble getting it to blend initially.  Make sure to (carefully! and when the blender is off) stir around the contents to try and help it along.  The watermelon is the first part to blend, and once that gets going you’ll have a fine time mixing it, although because the smoothie now has a high liquid content compared to the number of ice cubes, it’s easy for those to blend into big chunks and just swirl around the blender without getting smaller.  If it bothers you, maybe you can blend the ice cubes first with some sorbet (although I haven’t tried that myself).

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