Easter music junkie has withdrawls

For the second year in a row, Easter morning is no more than just another day. No getting up early, no stressing out about 3 different choirs that need managing, and no practicing for weeks for the giant fanfare postlude.

I think I miss it!

To be sure, I’ve no desire to be in the political backstabbery that is working with a church. The church part is the price you pay for the music, the feeling. I have never found another place that’s so energetic about the music. Leading 3 choirs, playing the organ, and trying to keep up with pastor changing/skipping the liturgy randomly is FUN! It’s a very interactive environment for a musician, and I’m not sure where else would ever be just quite the same.

Sleeping in past 5:30 more than 1 day a week is kinds nice though. Speaking of which, I should get out of bed.

One Reply to “Easter music junkie has withdrawls”

  1. Well…I stressed out about my playing before service, did fine, and then had to cringe through the substitute organist who hadn’t been notified in time to practice (the real one was at the hospital with her son). Needless to say I certainly missed your skills that day!