Bleep it!

Here’s what I’m curious about. Why is bleeping words considered acceptable, or even useful? They very clearly just beeped the “hi” from “shit”. It didn’t obfuscate the word at ALL. What was the point? Everyone who knows, knows, and everyone who doesn’t figures it out.

Here’s an idea. Ratings. We have perfectly good technology. Although I find arbitrary ratings systems just as objectionable as bleeping! It’s my choice what I find objectionable, what words I find offensive. Don’t push your morals on me, don’t choose what I get to see.

How about all shows are read through a voice recognition app and creates a transcript for your show. Then you can create your own list of words you find offensive. If an show contains certain words (or too many offensive words) it will just warn you!

Never let anyone think for you. Do it yourself.