Nothing to see here…?

I’ve just deleted 3 draft posts, the oldest of which was from 2 months ago.

Here’s what happens when I “blog”. I have a situation or an idea that I find really interesting, and I write about it. Then I decide that I want to expand on it a bit. I maybe do a tiny bit of research, or think things through a bit. Then I make it longer and more thoughtful, trying to draw interesting parallels or point out strange things…

Then I delete it because it is long, it wanders, it’s uninteresting, and it just rehashes everything everyone has heard everywhere else. Nothing valuable to add, nothing truly unique to contribute, and nobody really wants anything like that anyway it seems.

So, you miss out on my rant about the parallels between gun control and health care, (wherin I cleverly coined the phrase “happiness is a cold gun”, which I was actually rather proud of..) my thoughtful ramble on why my job is utterly horrible for me even though I actually love it (wherein I rambled somewhat about geekiness and why we interact with people the way we do), and a truly utterly boring post regarding the state of television shows these days.

So, I’m blogging, really.. It’s just such utter crap that I never actually hit post, thus saving you all the effort of reading it. And then I decide to post something like this. wheee

You know, half an hour ago I was almost ready to re-install facebook and twitter on my phone and perhaps start interacting with the world again. Then I sat down to finish one of the drafts I had, now I just want to delete everything and close accounts and sites everywhere. What a weird turn…
Maybe this is how society dies?

2 Replies to “Nothing to see here…?”

  1. You know, I have this exact same reaction to blogging. I’ve started something like 5 or 6 blogs over the last few years and they basically all end the same. Now I have tweetie in my dock on my iPhone and the wordpress app installed with the hope that it will allow me to be more communicative. But in reality, I’ll likely keep hitting save as draft in the same way as you and not post anything.

  2. I sympathize – I have exactly the same problem. But, there are only so many hours in the day. I figure half the problem is a scheduling/motivation one and half of it is just learning to get over regret for all the things that one could do but choose not to.

    “Maybe this is how society dies?”

    I wouldn’t worry about this too much – the ability for people of ordinary means to publish their thoughts inexpensively is a relatively new phenomenon.