Too many languages!

My poor brain is starting to go a bit nutty. Too many things going on in too many languages!

  • Working on a project in Ruby/Rails.?
  • Working on WP themes and keeping up my PHP skills.
  • Working on projects in Cocoa/Obj-C (Although that’s mostly? on hold..)
  • Learning the SproutCore framework (lots of javascript!)
  • And ? now I’m looking at Pyhthon and learning the Django for a possible upcoming project.

I’ve never minded working in different languages. The concepts are all the same. But I really do have issues with syntax and remembering what format different languages do. ? Do i need a foreach(i in items), or a for(i=0; i<items.length; i++)? And which initializer does this language/framework use? super()? init()? main()?

I need to find a better way to turn off/on different modules in my memory. Can someone please invent a technique for that?