Pushups for: 2009/04/02 (41)

Wherein I fail most miserably.

Soooo much fail!

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60-second breaks between sets, but then I couldn’t do any more. Couldn’t even do the last of the 3rd set.

I think perhaps I shouldn’t be doing these at night, I dunno. In any case, FAIL!

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2 Replies to “Pushups for: 2009/04/02 (41)”

  1. It’s nice to see someone actually sticking with it. I’ve got to focus on pull ups now, but I’d really like to get back into it after that is over.

  2. Well.. I can only really sticking to it because I imagine that people are reading this blog and will mock me horribly for my failure if I don’t…

    Turns out at least the first part is true, so I guess I can’t give up now!

    And yeah, pullups would be good, but I can’t do pullups just yet. Maybe someday soon.