First you have to convince me…

I was doing some research on cell phones today. (Trying to do compare/contrast research on the mobile phone market is such an exciting adventure. Really not a fan of the industry.)? Ended up following a link to a page about the Droid, a device I’m actually quite curious about. I was greeted by this:

Holy throwing stars batman! When your website is to terrifying to contemplate how do you expect me to get interested in your device?! Nein!

Seriously though, technology needs to be elegant and transparent. Your website is invasive and confusing. End of Line, no sale for you. I have no confidence, and I haven’t even started!

The quest continues. Somewhere out there is a mobile data device that isn’t going to require my giving AT&T more money than they could possibly deserve. Forward and onward!

4 Replies to “First you have to convince me…”

  1. Nexus One is your answer, I think. Much simpler web site. And like the Droid, write apps in Java or C (and without having to pay for the SDK or sign an NDA — can you imagine?). One of my coworkers has a Nexus One and it’s pretty great.

    Currently only on T-Mobile, which is an issue for many, but will support Verizon soon and lots of rumors about Sprint as well.

  2. @Ty
    Of course, I don’t have one myself. I got rid of my Windows Mobile phone several years ago, as you probably remember. Now I have a $70 (complete cost) phone that I’ve had for almost 2 years and only pay $15/mo for. I’m fine with that, I guess. I wouldn’t mind have data connectivity and running apps, but there just isn’t a prepaid option for that yet. So I don’t.

    By the way, it’s too bad the prepaid data option that will be available for the iPad won’t be available for other devices (and from other carriers)!

  3. I’m considering “iPad + prepaid phone for outgoing” as a possible solution. 85-90% of my life is spent either in a wifi hotspot, or someplace where I don’t actually need data, and I really don’t use the phone as a phone anyway. That last 10-15% though, just doesn’t have a good solution.

    Best solution would be an iPhone with a very small prepaid minutes pool and data tethering so my iPad/computer could get online as well. But that will never happen.

  4. Agreed! I AT&T needs to be a bit more flexible with their minutes plans. I’m tired of paying for a plan in which I don’t use 80-90% of my minutes. I won’t completely forego the iPhone, though. The iPad doesn’t have me sold just yet, at least not this generation. Bloody hell, though, $75 a month is not worth it, but I have little choice with as much as I actually use the the data network.