Cleaning Up the Bookshelf

New project! I have over 1000 books listed in my Delicious Library. Time to clean them up a bit.

“But Josh” you say! “Getting rid of BOOKS? Surely you can’t be serious!” But indeed I can be, and don’t call me Shirley.

New, before you think that I may be completely off my rocker, we’re going to take a very considered approach to this problem. Consider that there are several types of books on the shelf:

  1. Books that will be read again, or kept barring anything short of the house being on fire.
  2. Books that have been read, and might or might not be read again. These could also read/kept digitally rather than physically and it wouldn’t really be a bother.
  3. Books that haven’t been read yet.

So we can ignore books of type 1, those are staying around. Type 2 books are where the big opportunity is, and books of type 3 are going to get read and fall into either type 1 or 2.

This revolution will be bloggerized! If critical decisions must be made about books that means reviews of books. It’d be a shame for all that knowledge and decision making to go quietly into the night, so it will be recorded here, both by myself and by my lovely wife Bevin who has volunteered to help with this daunting task. This should also help prevent any future incidents of “oh look, a book by that author I like, I should get that” for books that have already been judged. Unfortunately we’re starting with the low-hanging fruit, so there will probably be mostly negative/meh reviews first, unless we find a hidden gem in the unread pile.