The Anglo Files – Sarah Lyall

This book isn’t actually mine, it was loaned to me by one of the nurses at my allergy clinic, and boy does it ever illustrate why I like hard-copy books and the people who say “I think you’ll love to read this”. Are you a fan of British television, humor, or culture in general? Then I highly recommend this book as it will give you some startling insights! After reading this book I feel like I have a better grasp of the culture and comedy in British shows that I watch. I have to say that I’m even more confused about cricket though.

The chapters on the House of Commons and the House of Lords are amazing, just amazing! The chapter about the newspaper industry is terrifying. Some of the things that amuse me so greatly about British humor appear to actually happen in real life as well, such as the following correction in a newspaper:

Yesterday was Wednesday, despite an assertion that it was once again Tuesday.

There are a lot of interesting observations though. I didn’t know that the illusionist David Blaine did so poorly in the UK, but apparently people who are confident and show-offish about themselves are really not looked on too kindly! Taunting a man locking himself in a box without food for a week with hamburgers hung beneath RC helicopters is both rather cruel, and really rather amusing.

I want to remember reading this book, because if I ever go to the UK I’m going to want to re-read it as a refresher course. As similar as we like to think we are to each other this book left me feeling that were I to go to the UK that driving on the wrong side of the road would be one of the more normal feeling things going on, and I think I’d need some additional help in becoming mentally prepared for dealing with the place. This book really seems like an interesting start to that.

I’m still seriously confused about cricket however.