I may come to regret that…

You have to be careful who you give write-access to your blog, even if you are married to them.

In any case, some randomness may be good for me. We’re going to go with it. šŸ™‚

Short update! I was unemployed the other day. Now I’m not. Doing the same job that I was, with a new username. I missed my chance to actually blog about the company I work for though, I had a short window, but that time has gone. Later.
Working, schooling, and DMing a D&D game once a week. That’s a new adventure, I haven’t done that in YEARS. Basically, I’m booked.? Calculus and D&D make a good mix though.

So, now my shame at being out-posted on my own blog can shrink back into the background it’s time to get my hipster hat and do some C++ homework.