We decided to visit “Canada’s Castle”, Craigdarroch Castle. A nice 2.5 mile walk later we’re exploring the inside of this amazing building.

The lap of luxury, a library with a book holder which includes a candle holder! How wonderfully decadent!

They had neat original radiators which are circular or quarter-circle to fit in corners. Kinda neat.

I think certain types of music would be dangerous to play on a piano with candles perched precariously…

Bevin liked the lamp.

The coal magnate who built this castle had interesting ideas.

Of course, as it turns out, he wanted BC to get annexed by the US so he wouldn’t have to pay tariffs to sell coal to California. His vocal support for this seems to have been why he was never knighted by the queen.

The view from up in the spire. You can see our ship!

There was a piece of art that had what seemed to be quite an odd style. It made not sure what’s wrong with these animals. (terrible picture, I did my best)

The back of the castle from the outside.

It may not be a “castle” in the European sense, but what a place!

Too bad about the guy who won it in a lottery and lost it with poor speculative investments.