Attacked by dementors.

We went in to Borgen and Burke’s, and came out to a truly torrential downpour and lightning storm in Diagon Alley!

What an authentically creepy experience! If you could please turn off the Florida weather though…

Radar does not look good, it’s gonna be a long wet walk home.

2 Replies to “Attacked by dementors.”

  1. Good lord, what’s going on with the weather there??!

  2. Florida weather in the summertime can be a bit… exciting.

    That night we had a massive downpour and lightning storm, which was really cool except for all the walking we had to do… The next night we had a pretty impressive dry-lightning storm that enhanced the evening fireworks show rather spectacularly. I’m hoping some of the other pictures/videos we’ll post will be able to capture either one decently, but probably not.

    Happy to be home in nice drizzly Oregon where you can at least go a couple of steps in the rain without getting totally soaked. 😀