Nobody *seems* to be in a panic…

I just got my first “Tornado Alert – Take Shelter” alert. That brings today’s total to Severe Thunderstorm, Flash Flood, AND Tornado! Did I collect the full set in my first week?

It is, in fact, raining QUITE hard now, and that thunder sounds cool. Really big thunder. And visibility just dropped from infinite to about 400 meters, in no time at all.

Nobody in this Starbucks seems worried, so I’m gonna just stick with the herd. Some guys on the covered porch outside actually came in, but I think it was because they couldn’t hear each other over the rain. I guess this is normal now. 🙂

As the classic meme says:

Update: Just got a Tornado “warning”, which is apparently a step above Alert. I appreciate that DarkSky is keeping me up to date pretty rapidly here! The good news is that the region they mentioned is 17-30 miles north, and the weather is currently moving north by northwest. My biggest problem now seems to be that i’ll never be able to get the 60 feet to my car without being absolutely drenched, even WITH my jacket. It is really coming down out there.

Update 2: Well, it seems to be over. Just like that the rain stopped. What fun. Makes 2pm in Florida seem quite tame by comparison. Sending someone out into that rain has to qualify as assault or something, there’s just a LOT of mass falling from above.