Inconceivable: Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride

We recently watched Princess Bride. Matt hadn’t actually seen it. Inconceivable!

Like a good wine without iocane powder, it seems to get better with time.

Carey Elwes – Inconceivable: Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride

Well, he’s certainly not wrong, it’s still as enjoyable as ever. Emily was telling me about the book, which somewhat surprisingly I’ve never read. I was looking at the Libby app to grab it from the library (not surprising, there’s a a wait list!), but in the meantime I grabbed the audio book of Inconceivable: Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, by Carey Elwes, read by Cary Elwes et al.

It was quite the fun couple hours. This is another prefer-the-audiobook recommendation. Carey Elwes reads most of it, but there are moments read by quite the cast of other members of the cast and crew too. There are some interesting stories behind the old favorite, and a few amazingly funny bits. The stories range from the personal to the technical, and there’s something in there for everyone.

I really want to put in a BUNCH of quotes here, and ruin all the hilarious bits, but if you’re a fan of the movie, you should absolutely listen to the book instead. It’s worth your 7 hours. (I didn’t have a problem listening at 1.25x, the reading has a lovely pace to it and so doesn’t sound distorted at the faster speed.)

I’d certainly listen to this again to re-hear a couple of the stories, but as I really have prefer the audiobook I don’t think it gets to sit on my shelf. Metaphorically though, definitely!