Math is better than words.

Knitting pattern authors who do not use charts will be exiled to a remote island with a calculus textbook and graph paper, and only enough wood to build one boat without errors. When you learn how to properly design something first, write down the plan, and THEN execute on it you can rejoin civilization.

Those who do not survive will not be missed.

As a nice change of pace from THAT debacle I’m going to build some Legos. At least they know how to plan ahead.

4 Replies to “Math is better than words.”

  1. What pattern is a mess? In case I have it from sharing.

  2. Almue shawl. It’s just one of those terribly formatted things, that ALSO has a bunch of very vague writing. We figured it out, but it should NOT take that much work to understand instructions written by a supposed professional instruction writer!

  3. I wondered about that. It seems most patterns that come from Tolt have glitches to them. Always makes me leary

  4. Yeah, and Bev called them and nobody seemed to know about that pattern, or that they’d ever had a shop model. (apparently the lady she bought it from said when she wad it she needed double of one color, but Bev couldn’t remember which of the A, B, C, or D colored stripes it was… And it doesn’t make any sense, geometrically, that you COULD have one stripe using more than the others. Irritating.)