Strange new forms of entertainment…

I just walked from my office into the kitchen and found this:

Apparently Macarons are being made, and must be monitored.

I guess the problem is problem is that they begin cracking, and this means either you under-whipped or over-whipped, with no way to tell which. This doesn’t seem, to my mind, to be a particularly helpful debugging step, as you don’t know what to change. But I guess at least they won’t come out overly cracked if you monitor them.

This is what happens when Bevin marathon watches the great British baking show while knitting.

2 Replies to “Strange new forms of entertainment…”

  1. With her special gamma ray vision, she can will them not to crack.

  2. Oh goody, radioactive cookies. Not sure if that’s going to make them easier or harder to resist eating. Maybe I can gain some Spiderman like radioactive cookie powers!