Wandering day, part 2: photodump

Click the “continue reading” button for photos of Wilderness Lodge, and Animal Kingdom Lodge. There will be giraffes.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, allegedly in the pacific northwest, although it contains a lot of great plains native American art and motifs.

The spring inside the lobby flows under the bridge, and feeds the pool. Also there is a geyser.

We had lunch here. Bevin got a bit punchy, too much pulled pork.

Where’d my hat and glasses go?

We got a tour of the Disney vacation club “Cascade cabins” that they have here. Pretty cool! It was drizzling lightly, and it actually managed to do a pretty convincing impression, except for the 90 degrees and muggy part.

Looking back up at the lodge from by the pool.

We relaxed in the afternoon, did a little shopping and wandering at Disney Springs, and then went to Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner.

This place is gorgeous. And you see that green lawn outside the window? That’s what the rooms, restaurant, and balcony waiting areas look down over.

Very cool place to hang out waiting for our table at Sanaa.

The Naan service was amazing. I didn’t actually take this picture intending to post it, but to remember the order the sauces came in. Gonna have to figure out how to make some of those.

After dinner we went to the other side of animal kingdom lodge, a car ride away, to Jambo House. It’s mostly closed right now since it’s got a big buffet which they can’t open, and is the “normal” side of the resort (DVC rooms are the other side), but we got to poke around.

Water flows through their lobby, and out of these rocks down into a pool by the entrance to the buffet. It’s rather cool.
The rooms that don’t have a view over the savanna have a nice wooded area around the pool. I think every room here must have a great view.
Giraffe happily munching his dinner.

This is a very cool spot. And easily the most tasty and interesting food we’ve had at Disney too! Well worth an afternoon!

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  1. These pics are amazing. I love that the giraffe is looking right at the camera.

    And why *was* Bevin sporting two hats and two pairs of shades? 🙂