Additional magics

Photos behind the link, you know the drill!

Spoooooky house!
Zoom in and read the texts. Country bears!
I think I need to get one of these animatronics for our guest room.
The rain has begun.
“Joshua! These are future rocks! You can tell because they’re blue.”
Swiss family Robinson tree house appears to be another casualty of Uncle Covid.
Yes, we’re riding little mermaid. Because Emily likes many boobs. Or manly boobs. We’re not sure what she said actually.
It’s a pretty cool queue actually. But we never get to enjoy the queues for long, there are no lines!
Stopping because Emily needed pictures.
Cruising time!

We’re off on our jungle cruise. If we never make it back, don’t come looking for us.

2 Replies to “Additional magics”

  1. Hey make sure Emily sings yo ho many times. She is missing her pirate life. Haha