The whirlwind continues

Yesterday we drove 5 hours from home to Houston to see an art exhibit Bev’s mom wanted to see, go to the fountain pen store Bev wanted to go to, and go to a play written by Bev’s mom’s friend Rob, who was in town to see the production.

Pretty fun to be out and about and doing real world things again! Play was really cool, only 4 people, and basically moving the props in the picture around to represent different rooms. Play was called Mama’s Boy, and is about the family life of the Oswald family is Dallas, in the years leading up to the Kennedy assassination. Really interesting historical information, especially if it’s not something you’ve ever really learned about!

And then we got up early and drove the 4 hours back to Dallas, straight to the airport. Off to Las Vegas again for 4 days to finish dealing with some family affairs remaining after our last trip. Cleaning out a storage unit specifically. Promises to be an exciting time… 😂

One Reply to “The whirlwind continues”

  1. Safe travels and I hope the hail didn’t mess with your stuff