Into the blasted wasteland

Yesterday was volcano day!

We’ve pack the necessary items…

The volcano is about 2 hours away. The trip takes you through a number of different biomes. It’s really interesting to see how different the various parts of the island are.

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We have arrived at… Lava.
Many types of lava.

We stopped at Punalu’u Beach, famous for it’s black sand. Also turtles, although we didn’t meet any of those.

It’s just as toasty as it looks
Really cool lava formations here
It’s a nice little bay, which gets some great waves crashing onto the rocks
Not a BIG bay, but big enough.
The sharp lava across the bay looks really cool
Enamored by the lava
Lava and rock stacking? I’m loving it.
The return trudge.

After the beach we have about another half hour of driving to the volcano.

We saw a sign that says we’re in a desert. Then it started dumping sheets of rain. Confusing.
We have arrived at jungle!

Our first stop inside the volcano national park is a lava tube.

We shall descend into the jungle!
I’m loving the rain and ferns. It smells amazing.
Can you tell I’m a fern fan?
Into the tube!
Just too hard for the camera to capture the wall of the lava tube here unfortunately. It’s a very cool texture.
Fortunately not lit by lava.
Still hard to capture the look of the rock inside.
NightSight kinda tried though…
We have emerged back into the jungle
Wild Fuschia
The path back
A look over the valley we just went down and through.
Panorama of the look over the valley we went down and through.

Next stop, the Desolation Trail. I think I’m going to make another post for that though, since we have a lot more images!

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  1. Looks really cool! Like the Nike swish on the path.