Perhaps I need to choose new colors…

A variety of similarly-colored water bottles. Also a cat.

I accidentally put down my new water bottle next to my two old water bottles, and realized that I seem to have a rather specific set of color preferences… Perhaps I should branch out?

Also, I’ve been trying since Guam to get my phone to capture the beautiful color of the Hydroflask I found there, called “Laguna”. (It’s the one on the left)
It doesn’t come across here, but it’s very much the color of the beautiful blue water. More green tone than the camera wants to acknowledge.

Okay, back to doing chores with my little helper.

4 Replies to “Perhaps I need to choose new colors…”

  1. You may live in Texas but you still have a PNW color palette.

  2. Which water bottle did she pick? No doubt she made her preference known!

    Wish I’d paid more attention to the color of your new one from Guam. Or maybe I never saw it. Sounds beautiful, though.

  3. That’s true… You can take the boy out of the green, but apparently you can’t take the green out of the boy!

  4. She picks whichever one I’m trying to use currently. Helpful.

    It was the one I was carrying around for half our trip, but I don’t think I ever specifically mentioned it to you, sorry!