An adventure in… California!

After just over 3 hours on the nearly empty plane, most of which Bevin spent sleeping on my shoulder, we arrived at SNA in Orange County. None of that LAX business for us!
Our flight got in about an hour before the Portland gang arrived though, so we grabbed a drink and played some Tak.

Bevin, looking like she's going to actually have a strategy for her Tak game. (But it's all a lie, she's just going to be chaotic!)

After everyone arrives we take our ride to the hotel with a California driver who clearly thought most every traffic law was more of a suggestion. But we survived, got to the Disneyland hotel, and then off to the park we go!

The Disneyland Hotel towers. The water slides are monorails, which makes Josh very happy.
The resort is beautiful, but there's not too many people outside because it's rather cloudy and threatening to pour down rain.

Our room is a 2 Bedroom suite that’s Fantasia themed! There’s cool art everywhere, including a mosaic in the master bath.

The suite living room, with a murphy bed behind the couch, and a cool Fantasia art piece on the wall.
Bevin liked the light fixture in the bedroom.
The art in the master bedroom.
The mosaic in the master bathroom. "The creepily sexy fish" as Matt called it.

There are two parks at “Disneyland”, one is Disneyland proper, and the other is California Adventure. That’s where we went next!

Wait a second, we just got off a plane, why are we doing a ride that’s putting us back on a plane?!

Buckled back into "airplane seats" to go Soarin'!
The big screen of Soarin!

Soarin’ is a motion ride that puts you up into this big half-sphere screen and takes you flying over the landscapes, while shooting scents that match the landscapes at at you!

Cool thing is that right now they’re doing the classic “Soarin’ over California” version, rather than the Soarin’ over the USA that’s normal, so all the scenes are from CA. And there are even more scents! (Pine forest, orange grove, ocean mist)

We didn’t take too many pictures through the afternoon because it was raining so hard and phones were tucked into pockets. But we grabbed a few!

Grizzly Peak is the first thing you get to once you get past Main Street.
The old Yeti from The Matterhorn is now in the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout queue.
Radiator Springs from Pixar's Cars movie.

Radiator Springs is one of the absolute best forced perspective things I’ve ever seen. It looks huge, it looks real. Photos don’t really capture it well. It’s really impressive. And it’s a fun little race-car ride too!

And because we’re all adults, and can do what we want, we went on the Little Mermaid ride, and sang along. Sha-la-la-la-la-la my-oh-my!

Little Mermaid's Under the Sea scene.
Kiss the girl!

And that’s about it from our first 3/4-ish day at the park! We got… slightly damp. We had a great lunch, and a great dinner, none of which we took pictures of, and then went to the “fireworks” show, which is actually lasers and lights and water at California Adventure. Also not pictured, because it was cold, and damp, and we had our hands in our pockets.

Tomorrow will be Disneyland proper!