Let the game begin…

Session 1, 3 adventurers, having joined the kingdom’s defense force, are sent on their first mission, to investigate wild animal and maybe… Monster?… activity near the border of the dark forest.

The DM is prepared. I think. I certainly have plenty of notes and note cards and plans for the area of interest. We’ll see if the adventurers stick to the script or wander off to start some sort of cow-worshipping commune. Letting the players make choices makes things unpredictable. Especially when 2 of them have never done this, and one of them is Bevin.

Speaking of Bev, her busy morning is completed.

That’s no bread!
It was cheese! Now it’s toasty cheese.
I appreciate that at least *some* green leafy thing was harmed in the making of today’s snacks.

My innocent new gamers are arriving, let’s see if I can make this interesting. 😎