Mammoth – John Varley

So here we are again.

This time, our Intrepid Reviewer™ is reviving books from the dead to give them one last, hard look (before chucking them into either the featherbed or the furnace). Today we have Mammoth by John Varley– a book that I would argue doesn’t need much remembering due to the LARGE FUCKING MAMMOTH on the cover.

I mean, once you see that you have to read the damn thing don’t you? Some books just compel you to open them, almost as though they were controlling your mind…

Ahem. Essentially this is a book about time travel.

Wait. I mean, this is a book about being careful what you wish for.

Crap. It’s a book about someone named Susan?

This is what happens when you don’t write reviews right away, kiSTAY AWAY FROM DRUGSds. You end up forgetting most of the book like I have.

Was this book notable? I think not. It’s hard for me to get all emotional about characters named Howard, Matt and Susan. It just sounds as though a kiSTAY AWAY FROM DRUGSds TV program sponsored the book and wrote the plot pro bono. But hey, there is a mammoth named Little Fuzzy, a guy who travels back in time, cloning, and mammoths who get stuck in tar pits so it can’t be all bad. I’d just have to remember it first.


Best quote from the book:

Jack hurried out of the pit, flew up two flights of stairs, tried to walk calmly down the hallway but ended up almost running, slammed into the outside door, walked to his car, got in, headed for the exit at the posted limit of 15 mph, slowed down and waved his gate pass and smiled at Harry, who smiled and waved back … then frowned.

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