Pilgrimages were made…

I had to go see the new Apple Store which my old boss Consuela now runs. Didn’t get a chance to say hi to her, but what an amazing store!

They have a garden.

And the garden extends indoors.

I think you’d need sunglasses to work on the sales floor here. Quite amazing. The upstairs area has quite a view:

And the downstairs has quite the door…

Other pilgrimages were also made. I maintain my disdain for 19th century American cathedrals, but eh, they tried.

If I remember correctly this is the St. Francis of Assisi church.

I could not for the life of me figure out what biblical story was happening here…

Went into three different cathedrals in total. None terribly impressive. Didn’t even take pictures in the first. This one was the Peter and Paul church, which was actually very nice and ALMOST European, but could still have had a more impressive organ.

There’s something about cathedrals here that I never realized until I went to Vienna. They’re soft. The glass work is too detailed, the stories in the panes are about love and mercy rather than the Gothic old-testament fear-inspiring morality tales, the lack of grotesques and stone animal carvings is notable.

Unlike Jesuitenkirche, you do NOT walk into an American cathedral (on the pacific cast anyway) and think “these people have the correct god”. The jesuits did it right.