Sea day excitement…

We were sitting in Brian and Julian’s Romo enjoying the view. We went to head upstairs to dinner and I noticed that we seemed to be moving slowly. Turns out there was some sort of medical emergency.

Those coast guard guys really know their work. Very impressive moves on the part of everyone involved. Really wish I had been able to get a better view of the big roping the medic, doing two basket lifts, and hoisting the medic off.

No idea what went wrong, but someone had to get hauled off the ship and off to Newport. Julian says it must’ve been immediately life threatening or they would’ve just kept them on board until we arrived in Victoria.

Sea day has been fun, we hit some weather and actually experienced some reasonably severe movement of the ship for most of the day. Pretty severe wind up on the deck, made it challenging to walk in a couple of places. We seem to have gone further out away from the coast than we did while headed south, seemingly to avoid weather.

Waking up to the ship moving, and going to sleep being rocked back and forth, this feels like being at sea!