I blame Brian

It’s not my fault, I had to do it…

This is a nice tight little build, I really enjoyed putting it together! The actually-rolling wheels with really tight tolerances are pleasing.

I assembled the first bike per instructions and the second one freehand, so hopefully my pile of extras are truly extras and I didn’t miss anything.

Now if only I had a single shelf to display my collection on… Someday.

All in all this set is definitely worth it either if you’re a fan of TRON, or a fan of the LEGO Ideas series. Personally I love sets like this where every piece serves both form and function. Everything needed, nothing extra. The little details they included for faces, outfits, etc, are lovely little icing.

I wish I had a big collection of Lego pieces so I could build a Recognizer or something.


I was breaking down the shipping box and found this on the inside of one of the flaps. Nice.