Welcome to Texas, hope you didn’t need your laptop…

Subtitled: “Windows 10, please go eat shit and die.”

So here’s a new one to add to the immense number of minor annoyances and decently long list of consequential fuckups windows 10 has caused me. It remains to be seen which category this fits into.

I made a terrible mistake last night, and I left my laptop in Windows 10, and closed the lid, figuring it would be fine until I needed it again.

Apparently not. Sometime after I picked it up and put it in my backpack at 5:30AM PST this morning it decided a reboot was in order, probably because it had silently done some updates in the background while the lid was closed overnight. You know, as one expects a sleeping laptop with the lid closed to do.

Well, surprise there windows, but you’re not the only operating system on my laptop, and the real OS’ require passwords to decrypt before they boot. So I arrive at a Starbucks in DFW, open my backpack, and find a laptop that is absolutely BOILING as it has been running at a BIOS boot prompt without the benefit of power management, inside a sleeve, inside my backpack, for the last 7+ hours.

And now, after plugging into power, it doesn’t want to boot up. Probably a thermal issue. I’m hoping this new ThinkPad lives up to the ruggedness my previous ones have, or it’s gonna be a long week. For now though, it is literally untouchable, I nearly burned my hand grabbing onto it in my bag.

Windows. Not even once kids. (For reference, I run Arch Linux, commonly known as “Hard Mode Linux” because it has NO training wheels, and your computer doesn’t even go to sleep unless you configure it to. Even that has never done something quite this boneheaded.)

I need to figure out how to run Overwatch on Linux, I can pretty much boycott all other windows-only games and just never see that retarded pile of regressions again. But Overwatch. Damn you Blizzard. (Both for a game I really enjoy, and for not supporting Linux, you lazy lazy jerks.)