Less annoying than usual.

Apparently one of their security lines here at the E gates at DFW is still a metal detector. Their x-ray machine is more irritating than usual, so since I wasn’t going to get to have any fun with getting patted down I tried to irritate the lady managing the x-ray line.

She clearly already hated her job, everyone around her, and life in general, so there was really no further work to be done in trying to discourage her from coming to work. Boring.

I always feel pretty good in the airport when I realize how little we’re actually carrying. It feels like a lot when tossing it into the rental car, but when you see how much everyone at the airport has one feels quite tidy by comparison!

4:30 am in the airport rental car garage, with a good stiff breeze blowing, and Bev says “ah, the first hint of chilly all trip”. For reference I thought it was pleasantly warm, edging on warm enough that I wouldn’t want to do too much work outdoors.

It’s gonna be a hot summer down here. But for now, off to Seattle! I’ll miss our little 2019 Jetta rental car.