The Circle of Life

It’s been just over a year since we moved to Texas! I was doing some work on the ‘ol blog here and I realized that I had a draft from a YEAR ago. At this time we had just signed on our house, but our stuff wasn’t here yet, so we were still living in the hotel, and poking around the area.

Oh, also, there was no reason to wear masks, nobody was worried about interacting with other people. What glorious times they were.
On which note: PREPARE YOURSELVES! Vacation mode is coming soon. There will be more posts. 🙂

So, if you’d like to see some photos of those long lost days, July 4th 2019, and our exciting trip to a Cabelas like no other, click on through to page 2 to see the rest of the story. 🙂
(It’s worth noting that this July weekend was when the 2019 Disney Lion King remake was coming out, thus the references which now at this year later date, might not make as much sense)

Shiny Clean Filbert the Subaru
Took Filbert to the car wash on our way. So clean and sparkly! (and came through the road trip unharmed too!)
The store is huge. With a very large and attractive water feature. Seriously, the parking lot reminds me more of DisneyWorld than a Cabela’s… I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually have a parking tram during busy times…
Savannah Room
They have an entire stuffed elephant here… Hakuna Matata pumba!
And a stuffed water buffalo
Hoooow about a water buffalo?!
Majordomo bird
Zazu, what happened to you?!
I couldn’t decide if these guys would’ve been good guys or bad guys. Devil deer?
The Elk Room
The Elk Room.
More Elk
Further Elk. There were some pretty impressively big ones. For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the wall of antlers (rack of racks?) that they had, including stories about the various animals. Some were pretty amazing.
Boat testing lake
Yes, they built a lake. So you can test the boat you want to buy. One of our first of many “how very Texas!'” moments…

It was definitely a “holy crap” this is different” experience.

We did some further driving around that day, but apparently nothing that we uploaded pictures of. If I remember correctly we explored Forth Worth a bit, got some coffee, maybe checked out a yarn store or two.

It was so long ago!