The quarantine-cation begins

Firstly, TSA Pre is awesome. Thanks Global Entry. Even if we didn’t have it though, gliding through security at Love Field would have been simple. I haven’t seen an airport this empty since… Ever? Maybe what one time I was in Las Vegas airport overnight after a missed connection.

Southwest flights are booked at 45%, so there should be plenty of room on the plane. We’re early in the first boarding group, and we’re all carry on. Feeling pretty streamlined!

Prepare yourselves for posts, it’s vaaaaaacation time! We’ll try to get good at expressing ourselves with our eyes since we’ll be wearing masks most of the time. 😎😷

3 Replies to “The quarantine-cation begins”

  1. Have a blast! Hope the flight was great!


  2. The row behind us had noses peeking out the whole time, as did one of the flight attendants. (the row behind us also had masks pulled down for about the last half hour..) Not pleased Southwest.

  3. Have fun! Looking forward to your posts: my vicarious vacation!