At the mouse’s house.

DRIVING onto Disney property! Haven’t done this in a while!

We got into our minivan and it puttered us over to Saratoga Springs. Julian has named the minivan “pigdog” because of it’s particular handling peculiarities. Goes from 0 to 30,hangs out there for a while, then suddenly races up to full speed. Traffic is an adventure all it’s own!

Magic bands ready!

All set up in our suite at Saratoga Springs, got the magic equipped, and walking over to the Disney Springs shopping/restaurant district next door.

I like this LEGO serpent, every time.
Rey and BB-8 in front of the LEGO store
Mini’s special taco.

We had some tasty pizza for dinner, and a desert “taco” that was full of cookie dough before this picture got taken.

One Reply to “At the mouse’s house.”

  1. Your mouse is standing on his head! And remember the sidewalk is moving at the same speed as the tram. Do not disembark until stopped. Is the largest McDonald in the world still by the serpent? Didn’t know Em and Matt were going. Hope you all have fun. Hugs