Universal Leftovers

Had some trouble with the ‘ol Blog yesterday, so we didn’t get a chance to post these. Here’s a few extra pictures from Universal day before yesterday.

The Hulk, the first coaster Emily and I went on that nobody else was bold (or feeling well) enough for.

The Hulk is fantastic. Fast launch out of the tube on the left there into a barrel-role dive, and then up through the cobra-head loop. I WILL RIDE IT SO MANY TIMES!

The next Emily and Josh only coaster.

Lying on your back with you head slightly down on the straight vertical ascent is slightly uncomfortable. That loop pleases me because there’s a barrel role inside it as well. So fun. Also, it’s a rockin roller coaster, choose your own music. I picked Crystal Method’s Name of the Game. Sadly the ride ended about 3 beats before the final chord, leaving me wanting.

Gringott’s Goblin Bank
I have some technical questions…
We got some tasty ice cream and sat on the stairs in Diagon Alley. It’s SO EMPTY.
Getting ready to head out of Universal