Epcot photos!

To save some screen space, pictures from the first part of our day are behind the link!

A beautiful, not too hot, not raining yet Epcot morning. Let’s ride spaceship earth since there’s literally nobody in line.

I always liked these guys. I couldn’t hear well enough to tell if their Morse code was right. It probably was.
At the top of the epcot ball!

Off to Living with the Land!

Animatronics here could use some updating. But that’s not what we’re here for!

I will never NOT take pictures of the inside of the greenhouses at Living with the Land.

27,000 heads of lettuce every year on this space and the mirror of it on the other side.

Next up, the America pavilion!

I really liked this Raven and the box of daylight glass totem pole.

Next up, grabbing some pulled pork sandwiches and hiding from the passing lightning storm.

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  1. Mine all came thru the first time round. Good to see the changes