More Epcot

Next up, Norway.

Still Norway on the inside!
Elsa let’s it go. Let’s us go actually. Right off the waterfall.

I’ve revised my opinion. It’s a pretty well done re-skin of the old Norway. They could do some things a little cooler, but only one scene actually disappoints me.

At least they still have some troll remnants.
This is the”parade” now.
Not that there’s any traffic TO disrupt, but such short parades are nice and easy to deal with.
I like the view from the DVC lounge on top of Imagination.
Relaxing and rehydrating in the lounge.
It may be nemo’s undersea adventure now, but seabase alpha lives on in some small way.

We managed to dodge a pretty big thunderstorm this afternoon. Fortunately it was easy to find cover. It is AMAZING how empty it is. There are so few people here. On top of that everyone is being really good about masks and spacing. Julian and I before the trip looking at videos and such decided that we’d feel safer here than in our local grocery stores, and that has TOTALLY been true, at least at Disney. Universal was a little more trouble outside the park, we had to actively dodge people sometimes. So such issues at Disney. Snug as a bug in a rug!