Gone safari’

Safariing? Safaring? Seafaring? No, definitely not that one.

Anyway, on to the animals!

This rhino is how I felt at the time. (hot and fat)
Baobab tree. Well, net really, but a convincing enough replica. I really like these trees.
See the cow on the left about to go between the trees? The gap is as wide as the cow, but not as wide as the horns. They know how to turn their heads and stick one horn through first, then turn the other way. All to avoid going around the tree on the way to dinner. A cow after my own heart.
Wilderbeasts and Zebras.
Baby zebra!
The wild Matthew.. Er. Flamingos. Gray fluffy baby ones.
The shy rhino. Don’t frighten them, they’re almost blind.
There’s a lion back there. But I think Matt’s mane is mightier.
This is how they’re doing parades here. It’s kinda fun!

We left Africa and headed back towards Everest, the Kali River Rapids. We’ll take our chances there the yeti dances.

This deer mask haunts me every time.
This baby Ikran that’s been following us has taken a liking to Bevin as well.
Tree of life never fails to impress. The angles from right under it in the bugs life queue are quite nice.
This banshee keeps following me!

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  1. Ever see the movie Avatar with the blue people? It’s the dragon-like thing they fly on. 🙂