More Pandora Pics

Animal kingdom is great. There is nowhere in the park that doesn’t feel great. It’s immersive and lush, there’s stuff to look at and cool plants and animals everywhere. Always a fun day.

But there’s nowhere quite like the valley of Mo’ara, on the moon Pandora.

We went back again, and I just took a bunch of pictures. Click continue reading for a view of whatever random things caught my fancy.

Still inside the queue for Flight of Passage, but it’s a nice view of what the outside looks like at night.

There are two rides in Mo’ara Valley. The second one is a dark beat ride through the bioluminescent forest. Unfortunately this is really hard to photograph, but I’m gonna post the blurry pics anyway as it at least shows some of the color and such.

It’s still on me…
A different view of the floating mountains.
I guess it’s gonna follow me home…
Super blurry, but everything is so colorful!
It’s totally useless to try and take pictures in here, they cannot convey the depth of color and natural movement.

The next few pictures are of some leaves over the boat. You can see the lizard that’s jumping on them in different places in different frames. It’s an AMAZING effect, as the lizard animation moves around on top of the transparent leaves, the leaves themselves move around physically too.

Probably the coolest projection mapping yet. Bugs crawling on this log that are hard to tell if are real or projected.
I want fiber optics like these vines on my office ceiling.
Camera can NOT capture the lighting here, silly thing, but it’s the most advanced animatronics they have yet produced. It’s SUPER fluid and smooth.

I’ve got a video that may be okay of the animatronic na’vi that I’ll try and post later! For now, bed, and back to Batuu and the millennium falcon tomorrow!