Lego my Tupperware…

It may not look like much, but it represents a substantial amount of progress! Finally, all the various bins of Legos have been sorted into flats, 1-highs, and 15 categories of “specials”.

Next up in the adventure is sub-sorting to specific sizes, and then possibly color within that, depending on how many there are, and what size of final storage solution we end up with.

Also, there’s still a whole tote full of partials that aren’t getting sorted as I’m planning on rebuilding them, these are just the remaining unused pieces.

And in the foreground, a whole new set of basic pieces in various colors, because Costco was having just too good a sale to pass up.

Never too old for Legos.

2 Replies to “Lego my Tupperware…”

  1. You’d have to ask my brother to be sure. I suspect the answer is “yes, quite a lot”.