Retro style SPACEPLANE

Last night, having sorted all the Legos, it was time to rebuild.

There are several classic sets that I want to rebuild and display, even though it means I won’t get to use some of their cool pieces in new projects.

First up, #1682, the space shuttle. Ish. A classic set definitely strongly resembling the space shuttle, although not quite right since it’s scaled down to fit one minifig in the cockpit, and also missing the crawler transporter, and the crane to lift the fuel tank isn’t a real thing. Also the launch tower looks more like the Apollo Era tower than the shuttle tower.


While looking through the old lego instructions I found an advertisement for one of the sets I’d forgotten existed!

One of two Technic sets I really wanted as a kid. Although looking at it now it makes me want to design some kind of monster technic shuttle that’s actually even more accurate. Hmmm…

5 Replies to “Retro style SPACEPLANE”

  1. Seemed like a half reality made set so I never got it for you. The others seemed more realistic

  2. My favorite part is the astronaut with arms outstretched. She looks excited! 🙂

  3. Yeah, it’s a good point. It’s also harder to play with the technic one, since it doesn’t fit on a base plate in your city.